Stay Determined: The Beauty of Passion

Stay Determined: The Beauty of Passion

We all have our passions in life, and no matter what one’s goal or experiences are, all passions deserve to be appreciated and showcased.

When we hear about passions and goals, the only stories that seem to be shared are of those who already made a huge difference in the world. There are especially fewer stories for those belonging to marginalized groups; such as, but not limited to, members of the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, neurodivergent individuals (those struggling with mental illnesses), and so on. I decided to reach out to a number of my friends and asked them to share their passions, as well as what fuels them to continue seeking it.

andrea passion
Andrea joyfully hopping around some water fountains and spouts at Depot Park (Gainesville, Fla.).

Andrea was constantly mocked for her short stature and thick Colombian accent when she was in school. She eventually grew a thicker skin, and began to describe herself as “the tallest fifth grader in college”. Coming from a lower income immigrant family, she learned to appreciate and truly enjoy the outdoors for being a beautiful and inexpensive way to play and have fun. “The sheer joy and wonder that parks and public art provide to citizens can be indescribable, and adds an incredible amount of beauty and personification to every towns and cities around the world. I want to be able to take my love of the outdoors and create some wicked awesome parks and outdoor establishments for generations to enjoy.”.

Grey, an Environmental Science and Policies student at the University of South Florida, also aspires to change the world with their passion. The picture they provided is of them “doing research on sinkholes and groundwater in Florida, and how this water policy issue impacts people in sinkhole prone areas”. They dream of one day becoming an environmental scientist “in order to help preserve natural resources such as these, and help keep our planet beautiful for generations to come.”.

paige passion
Although Paige may still only be a student, her animation work at The School of Visual Arts (New York, NY) has improved dramatically since her early years in art. She hopes to create impactful cartoons that can change the world for the better and improve the lives of people worldwide.

Regardless of where people are in their life, their goals and aspirations deserve to be showcased and shared with the world. Social media has created the ability to do so, particularly for those who may have already achieved their goals, but it’s always important to appreciate those who may still be on their way to reaching for the stars, and their drive they put towards attaining those dreams is nothing less than spectacular.

You can see my full Adobe Sparks Page featuring more of my friends here!

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