+5 Charisma Gained! How Online Games like League of Legends are Bringing People Together


For years, people of varying generations around the world have argued the benefits and harms that playing video games have on people, especially younger audiences. Coupled with the controversial topic of millenials’ dependency on technology, many people may wonder if video games do nothing more than keep gamers inside and create less social environments. What those who may argue this may not know is the kind of incredible environment that online gaming and gaming communities can make for people; it creates an engaging group of people with mutual interests gamers may not have in their immediate life, bring people together from different parts of the country (or even the world), and has even saved lives.

The largest online game for the past few years has been Riot Games’ massive online battle arena (MOBA) title, League of Legends. With 27 million players on a daily basis, a staggering 100 million on a monthly basis, and 36 million worldwide viewers gathering to watch the game be played professionally, it is safe to say that League has a very committed fanbase. What makes Riot Games as successful as it has been goes beyond just its game; the company has made their community their priority since the beginning. A plethora of videos have been created and shared showcasing the love for the League community, including a documentary on significant others who play League together and the creation of a book featuring art of the 192 games two friends played together before one passed away of lymphoma.

Countless areas of social media and media sharing sites have been dedicated to creating online communities for a mutual love for video games. Regardless of where people may be located in the world or what their life’s stories may be, they can be comforted by the fact that there are others like them that share their passion for games just on the other side of a computer screen somewhere.

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