Have you ever thought about why rupees fall out of bushes when you cut them in The Legend of Zelda series? Wonder what inspired millions of folks to walk for collectively thousands of miles to hunt for virtual creatures referred to as “pocket monsters”? If you find any of these topics as interesting as I do, you’ll probably enjoy the kind of writing I do here.

My name is Maggie; I’m a 22 year old New Media Journalism Master’s student/full time Help Desk Tech who doubles as an aspiring writer for video game content. I’m still not exactly sure what avenue I want to go down (though I do have a dream of working on the Publishing team at Riot Games), but in the meantime, I’m going to be all about sharpening up my writing skills by blabbing to you all about video games. I want to be able to bring people together: to help deliver the message that games and the companies that make them want to tell their fans and players. I also would love to sit down and examine different aspects of games under a microscope and get into some juicy analyses all about them.

I first discovered my passion for writing/talking about video games after reading a book called The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy: I Like, Therefore I Am. It was my first exposure to video game analysis; going in depth about the design choice of characters, environments, missions, and so much more. It absolutely enraptured my young mind at the time, and quickly influenced me to want to look at video games in a completely different way. I also received inspiration from Riot Games, the company responsible for the widely successful game, League of Legends. The amount of meticulous detail that goes into each and every region and champion’s lore is mind boggling, and I would love the opportunity to sit down and further analyze some of them myself.
Video games as a whole are incredible masterpieces in their own way; they provide storytelling and emotion that we are accustomed to seeing from films and television, only with the unique ability to interact with them ourselves. We feel like we are part of every single decision, every character death, and every victory and failure our characters experience because we were there controlling them through it all. I hope that through my writing, you too will be interested in looking at games and media deeper than simply face value; they truly are works of art, and deserve to be examined and studied as more than sources of fun and entertainment. I will be doing personal essays and pieces on how games have affected me, even saved me at time. I will also be doing analyses of different aspects of games/how they affect the world as a whole, as well as entertaining, engaging pieces on developments in the game industry.

So take a seat, pack some snacks and strap in; we’re going on a crazy journey through the expansive, incredible world of video games.